About Our Technology

How Does It Work?

The AdRefine Technology allows browser users to control the source of advertising, and can be packaged as a browser extension or a browser module. Computer and mobile users are empowered to control the source and certain characteristics of the advertising that appears in their browsers.

For example, an AdRefine browser module may be invoked by clicking on a menu item in the browser saying “Choose Your Ad Provider.” Once selected, a small dialog window will pop up and allow the user to choose a Commercial Content Network (for example, Google, Yahoo, Bing or a non-search engine provider such Amazon or eBay) as a sole source of the ads served within that browser. There can be other settings to allow users to control the display, format and other characteristics of the delivered ads. Once the user makes his or her selection, AdRefine operates to deliver ad content based on the user’s choices: it identifies ads on every delivered page and replaces them with ads from the chosen Ad Network. Depending on the pages, ads are chosen within the Network’s ad pool based on keywords searches, prior searches, geo locations and other factors. The display of ads will also follow the display format and other preferences that the user may optionally select for the delivered ad content.